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Potato Broccoli Soup

Every Monday we have soup and sandwiches for supper. I use the bones from the chicken we enjoyed with our Jiggs Dinner (a Newfoundland traditional meal) the night before to make broth for the soup, this routine brings so much comfort to us as a family, keeping traditions going that our parents and grandparents did before us. We typically ask the kids what kind of soup they would like mama to make and during the summer and fall they almost always ask for my  Roasted Vegetable Soup  using vegetables collected from our home garden, but lately (the last 7 Mondays!) they have been asking for my absolute favorite, Potato Broccoli Soup. It is simple to make, comforting and delicious. This soup is great served with a grilled cheese or ham and lettuce sandwich any day of the week and freezes well for meal prep! On that note, if you grow your own broccoli this is a great way to preserve any extras for winter months, we made 5 large stock pots this summer and froze to enjoy later, what a lifesave

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