Sarah's Pick's: A Cookbook Guide

 I am an avid collector of cookbooks, I have them all over my house tucked away to flip though and find inspiration for family meals, snacks, and treats. I thought it would be fun to share my favorites here with you so you can find love in them as well. The list isn't very long just yet, I'm very particular about cookbooks. If the recipes aren't easy, well written or accurate it doesn't make the list for me. These books I am sharing with you are tried and true, and as I find more that I love I will be sure to share here with you by adding to this list. You can shop from here by clicking on the titles which will bring you directly to my affiliate link if you wish to do so, for that I thank you for the support ♥ And leave some suggestions for me in the comment section for cookbooks I should check out next!

Joy of Cooking 

This is the first cookbook I ever used, it was, and still is, my moms copy which I reference every now and then. It's a great book for those wanting to try cooking and learn some classics as well as some interesting new recipes. Some of our family favorites came from this book, I've even built new recipes inspired by ones I love from here. A great first cookbook for anyone looking to try a new hobby for sure. It's a classic for good reason. 

Forager's Dinner by Shawn Dawson

This local author and forager created a wonderful guide and recipe book to use foraged ingredients found right here in Newfoundland. I loved flipping through this book after receiving it as a gift, he has a true talent and I was completely captivated. I tried some delicious recipes from the book and made some attempts at foraging, some even successful. I plan to explore this even further over the winter months to prepare for next season. This book is a staple for anyone interested in enjoying the flavors of Newfoundland.

Being a gardener myself, I really enjoyed the layout of this book. It's laid out in sections based on what is in season at a given time. There is such a wide range of recipes in here and the photographs are just stunning. I know my husband will tell you to try the Lemon Meringue and Blueberry Pie because he just loved it. I am partial to the soup made with fresh cabbage and potato from the garden, topped with crispy bacon, YUM. This would make a lovely gift for any vegetable gardeners out there for sure.

I believe this was my first vegan cookbook, which really helped me to change the way I eat. I am not vegan personally but I try my best to eat plant based as much as I can in my day to day life. This cookbook makes it fun and tasty. If you get a copy of this one for yourself I suggest you try the Marinated Italian Mushrooms (serve this at a dinner party and you will have your guests drooling), and my absolute favorite snack to share with the whole family the Glowing Strawberry- Mango Guacamole. 

You might already have this one, if you don't RUN DON'T WALK. This book is mainly plant based in a creative way which sets you up with menus for each holiday of the year to make each gathering special. There are also many recipes in here that you could add to a weekly meal plan, I love the Butternut Squash Carbonara for this! The Smoked Salmon Fish Cakes are our new Christmas Eve tradition (we add a little cod to ours because, you know, we are Newfies and we love it). 

Are you someone who like to create something out of nothing? Make your own recipes using what you have? This book is made exactly for that. It works like any other thesaurus, you look up your main ingredient and it gives you pairing flavors. The possibilities are endless with this one, I reference it so frequently the edges are fraying. Something I have discovered more recently is it is great for putting together the ever popular charcuterie boards with complimentary flavors taking the guess work out for you. 
I am a big Angela Liddon fan, you may have noticed. I am so inspired by her use of vegetables. Recipes you should try first from this book:
1. Tropical Overnight Oats
2. Curried Chickpea Salad (use this as a dip with crackers!)
3. The Best Marinated Lentils
4. Crispy Smashed Potatoes
5. All the other recipes in the book, I mean I have, get to work 😉

To anyone wanting to make simple, tasty, quick meals this is the book for you, and me, and everyone else. I use this book every single week. You will love how easy it is to throw together a meal after a busy day and the recipes are just spot on. There is actually a little bit of everything in here, there really ins't much of a theme other than the title. You will find some different cuisines all put into categories of the meat, veg, pasta or rice.  My favorite part though is there is no need to taste test before serving, they have it written out perfectly.

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